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Handmade personalised greeting cards, featuring my own embroidery designs. These are stitched by myself here in small batches, in Lancashire, using a variety of textile media. All sorts of fabrics are combined and embroidered with satin and metallic threads to produce a range of exquisite, individual embroidered greeting cards. The embroidered elements are mounted onto prints of my own artwork, which I have painted, free machine-embroidered, and hand embroidered. Most cards are suitable for personalised wording, or cards can be left blank on the front for framing which is also very popular. Corporate Christmas cards and wholesale enquiries are welcome.

Most embroideries are mounted on to Callisto board, a high quality, lightly embossed, soft white coloured, square card. Callisto is produced from F.S.C. forests grown in the Lake District from 100% Elemental Chlorine Free pulp. Some designs are made from Flora Board: 30% recycled pulp, 60% wood-free primary pulp and 10% cotton fibres. 

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